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Autumn Foggy Sunrise

Autumn Foggy Sunrise The Oak in fog with sun rays, indian summer and water drops- such a beautiful autumn morning!… Read More

Great Grey Shrike

Great Grey Shrike Great Grey Shrike is songbird species. It breeds in Poland but is the most numerous during migartion… Read More

Rough-legged Buzzard

Rough-legged Buzzard Rough-legged Buzzard breeds on the tundra and boreal parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Central Europe is… Read More

Agata Jirak-Leszczyńska – ornithologist, naturalist

Professional ornithologist, Environmental Protection Specialist at Warta Mouth River National Park , also involved in ecological education.
Cooperation with Ojców National Park – bird monitoring.
Master of Biology, Jagiellonian University of Cracow, Biology and Geology, specialization: Conservation of Nature.


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